Expansion Consultation | Heathrow Airport


As part of Heathrow Airport's plans to expand the airport, it had to go through a feedback process with the local community to ensure that residents in surrounding areas were aware and comfortable with the impacts the expansion would have on the area.

The Stonehaven team and I were set a target to acquire 1,000 individual responses from a diverse local community.


We launched a social media and search campaign, targeting local residents within proximity of the airport asking them to share their feedback on expansion plans. By retargeting engaged audiences across multiple online channels as well, we were able to:

  1. Raise greater awareness amongst local communities on what the airport expansion meant for them

  2. Drive a high volume of informed responses to expansion plans on the Heathrow Airport website.

We were also responsible for the development of all social media and search content and making relevant tactical changes to optimise the campaign budget.

As a result of the seven-week-long campaign, over 1,200 local residents fed back on the expansion plans, exceeding the client's initial target.