Transforming recruitment | UK tech company


A UK-based technology company, specialising in space and defence, needed to hire more software specialists as part of its long-term growth strategy.

In a highly specialist recruitment market, the company's brand awareness was low compared to competitors. The Stonehaven team and I were tasked with launching a recruitment campaign that:

  1. Grew brand awareness amongst experienced software specialists (i.e. engineers and programmers)

  2. Increased the volume of online applications for relevant positions


Following extensive research into our target audience's interests, I led the development and launch of an online recruitment campaign that tapped into their career motivations:

  1. Working towards a greater purpose and being part of something bigger

  2. A good variety in everyday work

  3. A sense of challenge and complexity in their daily tasks

The campaign centred around applicants completing a series of fun online games, putting their wits to the test against the country's leading minds in technology. Each game was scenario-based, centring on the global challenges the company were contributing towards tackling, ranging from cybercrime to the climate crisis.

Those who performed the best would be fast-tracked to a job interview.

The challenges were promoted via social media, search platforms, podcast advertising and online display banners.

The campaign made significant inroads into promoting the company's employer brand online and saw a strong uplift in relevant job applications. Over a two-month period, the campaign saw:


increase in relevant job applications


total campaign impressions online


visits to the company's job application pages